Drug Dispensing Service

Acalabrutinib (CALQUENCE®)

Program start date: June 1, 2021

Application criteria: (must fulfill all of the followings)

1. Valid HKID card holder

2. Adult patients of Hong Kong private oncology centre/haematology or haematological oncology centre or private hospitals

3. Meet the medical conditions specified by this program

4. Pass financial assessment with individual average income in six months not exceeding HK$ 100,000 in total

5. Holder of CALQUENCE® prescription prescribed by doctor of private oncology centre/ haematology or haematological oncology centre or private hospital

6. Holder of valid CALQUENCE® purchase receipts or purchase records

7. Patients enrolled in other CALQUENCE® subsidy program or discounted program are not eligible to this program


For program details and the application procedures, please contact SafeMed Dispensary (Tel: 2979- 0380).