SafeMed Medication Management System


  ♦ Developed by Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation (HKPCF), SafeMed Medication Management System (SMMS) is an electronic medication system with diverse applications which facilitates elderly homes to integrate patients’ medication from different sources
  ♦ Has been constantly developing for more than 4 years with new functions developed, striving for perfection
  ♦ Serving more than 20 elderly homes and rehabilitation centers throughout Hong Kong and Macau
  ♦ Awarded the 2018 Hong Kong ICT Silver Award
  ♦ Meets the specifications of the item 17 (‘Computer Software’) on the Reference list of ‘Recognized Technology Application Products’ from Social Welfare Department


♦ Uses graphical, visual and touch effects to guide nursing care and medication management
♦ Automatically detects basic duplications of drugs or drug-drug interactions
♦ Saves time for manual copying, filling and signing
♦ Can be integrated with a variety of systems or hardware, e.g. automated drug packaging machines, eCare residential care homes management system, wireless medical facilities
♦ High flexibility of functions and settings, allowing users to choose different additional modules to meet the needs of individual users

System Modules

Experience sharing by user

  “The control of medication use is of high standard under this electronic medication management Matrix, resulting in 0 medication error.”
  “Spent 15-18 hours (3 nurses, 5-6 hours/person) on medication packaging but is reduced to 1 hour now. Relieved working hands can be put back into frontline nursing operations.”

  Mr. CH Leung, Superintendent of Chuk Lam Ming Tong Care and Attention Home for
  the Aged