Drug Dispensing Service

Nintedanib (Ofev®)

This program includes the following medication:

Nintedanib (Ofev®)



To allow patients to buy timely and suitable medication at a discounted and subsidized fee


Service target:

Valid HKID card holders and patients with prescription issued by respiratory specialists from hospitals under Hospital Authority (HA), and meet the medical conditions specified by this program


Support items:

The following programs are only open to applications by patients who have been dispensed Nintedanib ( Ofev®) at hospitals under the HA or at SafeMed Dispensary on or before 13 October 2023 (**Eligible patient registration and application deadline is December 31, 2025)


1)     Hospital Authority patients receiving medication with Drug Safety Net

Patients who are subsidized for Nintedanib by the Samaritan Fund or the Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programme can purchase medication of first 24 cycles (1440 in total) at hospitals under Hospital Authority. Starting from the 1441st capsule (around cycle 25), patients have to obtain their free medication at SafeMed Dispensary until doctors recommend termination of the treatment. The medication fee subsidies from the Samaritan Fund or the Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programme immediately terminates upon receiving the 1441st capsule.

In order to ensure smooth dispensing logistics for patients referred by HA hospitals to SafeMed dispensary, patients have to make an appointment with SafeMed Dispensary to enrol in the program within 90 days after the approval of the Samaritan Fund or the Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programme.

Patients must receive free medication in the designated pharmacy during enrollment. If the patients change to another pharmacy during free drug collection period, they can no longer receive free medication.


2)     Hospital Authority patients purchasing self-financed items at SafeMed Dispensary

Patients can buy Nintedanib at a subsidized price for the first 24 cycles. After 24 cycles (1440 Nintedanib capsules in total), patients obtain free Nintedanib at SafeMed Dispensary until the doctors recommend termination of the medication. Patients have to obtain medication at the same designated pharmacy.


Please call SafeMed Dispensary (Contact number: 2979 0380) for enquiries about the Program and application methods.