Drug Dispensing Service

Crizotinib (Xalkori®)

Application criteria:

1. Hong Kong Permanent Resident Identity Card holder

2. Patient of private oncology centre or private hospital

3. Meet the medical conditions specified by this program

4. Holder of valid XALKORI® purchase invoice or purchase certificate issued by medical practitioner in Hong Kong clinical oncology or oncology centre

5. Patients who have successfully enrolled in other XALKORI® program(s) are not eligible for this program 


Program Summary:

Eligible patients should:

1. Register at SafeMed Dispensary at appointment time

2. Complete a designated number of XALKORI® treatment(s) at hong kong private oncology centre or private hospital

3. Consult pharmacists at SafeMed Dispensary at least 3 times during treatment


Afterwards, patients could receive free medication at SafeMed Dispensary with a valid prescription issued by an oncologist from the oncology centre each time.

For details and application method of the program, please contact SafeMed Dispensary (Tel: 2979 0380).