The Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable organization founded in 2007.

The foundation is established by a group of pharmacists who cares for the medication use in old age home residents. These pharmacists hope to put their professional knowledge into practice and to undertake the responsibility of pharmaceutical care. After careful consideration, the foundation was founded with their expertises.

Pharmacist-led pharmaceutical care service in old age home helps establish a safe and suitable medication management system. Pharmacists assist institutions to manage medication according to proper standards, including storage, dispensing, disposal and keeping record. Moreover, the use of information technology allows medications from different sources to be used systematically and help provides a complete, accurate and timely drug record for old age home residents, which complies to the social welfare department standard.

Pharmacists can further assess the use of medication, by reviewing the drug efficacy, safety standards procedures, drug management, drug-food interactions, drug duplication, adverse reaction and so on, thus reducing the risk of medication incidents.

Drug education is an important part of promoting medication safety. Therefore,  a key development point for the foundation is to provide seminars, forums and training to residential care workers, health workers, enrolled and registered nurses, social workers, etc.