Deluxe AM/PM Weekday Pill Dispenser with Push Button Release

Product code: MSVM0931AB

Price: HK$120.00

SafeMed Dispensary price: HK$108.00 (10% off discount)


This deluxe am/pm weekday pill dispenser is the perfect way to make sure you never miss your medication. Each compartment has the day and either am or pm printed in text and in braille and is easy to open with the push button release. The clear finish means you can see at a glance the tablets contained in each section. Ideal for use in the home or on holiday.

♦ Days and am/pm printed in text and braille
♦ Simple push button release
♦ Clear plastic finish for easy visibility
♦ Ideal for use in the home or on holiday
♦ Colour: Clear/Blue
♦ Main body material: Plastic
♦ Net weight (kg): 0.14
♦ Product Dimensions (mm): 27x168x104