Compact Weekday Pill Dispenser (Purple)

Product code: MSVM0930D

Price: HK$75.00

SafeMed Dispensary price: HK$67.50 (10% off discount)


The handy, compact Weekday Pill Dispenser provides a simple reminder to take your medication, with one clearly-labelled compartment per day. The round Weekday Pill Dispenser has a simple-to-use operation; click on the button to rotate the compartments around and select the correct day, then flip down the lid to tip out the tablets. It is ideal for use at home, during travel or holidays and will fit neatly into a pocket or bag.
♦ Handy, compact design
♦ Days of the week clearly marked
♦ Ideal for home and travel use
♦ The easy way to plan your week's medication
♦ One compartment per day