Stackable Pill Dispensing Tower

Product code: MSVM0930AA

Price: HK$80.00

SafeMed Dispensary price: HK$72.00 (10% off discount)


This ingenious pill dispensing tower has transparent compartments making it simple to check the tablets in each section. The bright, vibrant colours allow the visually impaired to easily differentiate between each level. Each large, round section screws easily into the base of the next to keep all your medication securely in one place.

♦ Transparent compartments for easy visibility
♦ Bright, vibrant colours - ideal for the visually impaired
♦ Each section securely screws into the next one
♦ Colour: Assorted
♦ Main body material: Plastic
♦ Net weight (kg): 0.06
♦ Product Dimensions (mm): 108x44x44