3-in-1 Pill Crusher and Cutter with Storage

Product code: MSVM0927AB

Price: HK$85.00

SafeMed Dispensary price: HK$76.50 (10% off discount)

Website: http://www.aidapt.com.hk/eng/product.php?product_id=576

This handy device is divided into 3 sections and is an ideal tablet aid with multiple tools in one compact, easy-to-clean unit that will take up very little space in a pocket or bag. Simply lift the hinged lid, pop in a pill and close the lid to cut or split the pill. Unscrew the base, insert a tablet, then screw the base in again to crush the pill into a powder. On removing the lid you will find compartments to store your pills and tablets.

♦ 3-in-1 pill cutting, crusher and storage solution
♦ Ideal for those with limited dexterity
♦ Integrated safety blade
♦ Colour: Red/Clear
♦ Main body material: Plastic
♦ Net weight (kg): 0.08
♦ Product Dimensions (mm): 94x49x49