Pill Storage Box with Tablet Splitter

Product code: MSVM0925A

Price: HK$65.00

SafeMed Dispensary price: HK$58.50 (10% off discount)

Website: http://www.aidapt.com.hk/eng/product.php?product_id=353

The Pill Storage Box with Tablet Splitter is the easy way to split tablets with the builT-in cutting blade in the lid and a separate section to store pills. It is a useful product for those with limited dexterity and can be operated in the hand or on a flat surface, even with one hand. The handy, compact size can easily fit into a pocket or bag making it ideal for travel and home use. Constructed from high quality, white, ABS plastic for durability。

♦ The easy way to split pills
♦ Separate tray to store pills
♦ Handy, compact size
♦ Ideal for travel or home use
♦ For splitting tablets up to 2 cm diameter