Drug Dispensing Service

Niraparib (Zejula™)

Niraparib (Zejula™) Drug Subsidy Program


Applicants should fulfill the following requirements:

Medication Status:

♦ Patients on Niraparib (Zejula™) treatment prescribed by medical practitioners 


Service Target:

♦ Hong Kong Identity Card holder

♦ Patients of Hong Kong Hospital Authority

♦ Patients who have the original copy of prescription issued by Hong Kong Hospital Authority


Financial Status:

♦ Patients have to pass income assessment with individual monthly income below HKD$50,000 

♦ Patients who are currently receiving other financial subsidy of Niraparib (Zejula™) will not be eligible for this programme.


Application Procedure:

1. Please contact SafeMed Dispensary to apply for Niraparib (Zejula™) Drug Subsidy Program

2. For the first application, please submit original copy of all required documents as shown below in person at the appointed time at Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation.

♦ Completed application form for Niraparib (Zejula™) Drug Subsidy Program

♦ Hong Kong Resident Identity Card

♦ Valid prescription issued by Hong Kong Hospital Authority

♦ Financial Status Proof -- This program takes into account personal financial status. Please submit the personal income statements of the past 3 months

3. Please submit the copy by email, mail, fax or in person at SafeMed Dispensary


For the details and the application procedure of the program, please contact SafeMed Dispensary (Tel: 2979 0380).