Cancer Genomic Testing Subsidy Program

Cancer Genomic Testing Subsidy Program


Commencement date: 1 July 2020


Applicantion criteria:

1. Valid HKID holder

2. Financial status:

    - Personal monthly income is less than HKD$100,000

3. Patients who have undertaken any specific cancer genomic testing offered by the ACT Genomics

4. Patients enrolling in this program cannot at the same time enjoy discounts offered by the ACT Genomics 


Application procedure:

1. Enrol in the program by calling HKPCF at 2979-0380 within 60 days after completion of the genomic testing. Please follow the instructions and send the finished application form and the copies of the related documents to HKPCF via mail, email, fax or in person for review. Applications received 60 days after completion of the genomic testing will not be accepted.

2. Successful applicants can obtain a subsidy on a one-off basis. The amount of subsidy is dependent on the selected genomic testing.


Please contact SafeMed Dispensary at 2979 0380 for enquiries about the program details.