Cancer Genomic Testing Subsidy Program


This program is launched with the collaboration of the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation and ACT Genomics (Hong Kong) Limited. It is intended to provide subsidy for eligible users of the cancer genomic testing service who satisfy the application criteria.


Application criteria:

1. Holder of valid permanent HKID

2. Financial status:

    - Personal income NOT exceeding HK$100,000 per month

3. Patients who have undertaken any specific cancer genomic testing offered by the ACT Genomics (Refer to Table 1)

4. Patients enrolling in this program cannot at the same time enjoy other discounts offered by the ACT Genomics 


Application procedure:

1. Register for the program by calling HKPCF at 2979-0380 within 60 days after completion of the genomic testing. Please follow the instructions and send the completed application form and copies of the relevant documents to HKPCF via mail, email, fax or in person for assessment. Applications received 60 days after completion of the genomic testing will not be accepted.

2. Successful applicants can obtain a subsidy on a one-off basis. The amount of subsidy is dependent on the type of genomic testing. (Refer to Table 1)

Table 1


Logistics of ACT Genomics cancer genomic testing:

1. Specialists suggest cancer genomic testing after assessment of patient's condition.

2. Hospitals contact ACT Genomics.

3. ACT Genomics staffs request hospitals to prepare samples for testing.

4. The testing will be commenced in CAP-certified international laboratories.

5. Professional bioinformation analysis team from ACT Genomics will process the test result.

6. The signed report from ACT Genomics will be presented to specialists by ACT professional staff.

7. Specialists will integrate genomic testing results with clinical evaluation to determine subsequent treatment strategies.



Please contact SafeMed Dispensary at 2979-0380 for enquiries about the program details.

Knowing more about cancer genomic testing


What is cancer genomic testing?

Cancer genomic testing can target patients’ tumour and detect genetic mutations. After unlocking the genetic code of the mutation, a professional bioinformatics team will analyze the information and convert it into clinically relevant information, which will assist doctors in formulating the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient.


Common enquiries

Q: Do I need to do cancer genomic testing? Which test is suitable for me?

Answer: Genetic testing can let you and your doctor gain more information on the tumour, which helps your doctor formulate the most suitable treatment plan. Due to the complicated nature of cancer treatment, there will be various treatment strategies based on factors such as the cancer type, the patient’s physical condition and medication history. Therefore, you should discuss with your doctor thoroughly, and the doctor will evaluate the test items and medication timing that are suitable for you to optimize the efficiency of testing.

Q: If cancer genomic testing is to be done, at what time or under what situation would be appropriate?

Answer: Generally, it is applicable to 3 situations. These include helping doctors initiate the most suitable treatment mode and medication before cancer treatment; helping doctors evaluate the disease condition and adjust treatment plans when current treatment is ineffective; monitoring the disease progress and tracking drug resistance to evaluate follow-up treatment strategies.